Dementia 2020 North
Transforming Care, Support & Research
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Dementia 2020 North
Transforming Care, Support & Research
8th of June 2016
The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester


“By 2020 I want England to be the best country in the world for Dementia care and support and for people with Dementia, their carers and their families to live” PM David Cameron
"By 2020 I want England to be the best place in the world to undertake research into Dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases”. PM David Cameron
“Together we can transform dementia care support and research” PM David Cameron
“Every 3.2 minutes someone develops Dementia in the UK”

Govconnect are pleased to announce that our next Dementia 2020 conference will take place in the North of England.

Due to the huge demand for tickets at our forthcoming Dementia 2020 Conference in Westminster; and after feedback from the many stakeholders and partners we represent, the next in this series of conferences will now be delivered at the Bridgewater Hall in Central Manchester on June the 8th.

The Department of Health wants the best services and innovation currently delivered in some parts of the country to be delivered everywhere.

Govconnect seeks to ensure healthcare professionals, academia, third sector and care providers from all areas of the UK have unlimited access to the same information and resources, irrespective of their location. Our online platforms around policy, research and innovation and our fantastic line up of speakers and partners will seek to highlight how some of the Norths groundbreaking approaches to dementia research diagnosis and care can contribute towards national objectives.

As we know on March 2012 the PM launched a national challenge to fight dementia – an unprecedented programme of action to deliver sustained improvements in health and care, create dementia friendly communities, and boost dementia research.

Three years on from the commencement of the challenge and there has been significant progress – with more people now receiving a diagnosis of dementia than ever before, over 1 million people trained to be dementia friends to raise awareness in local communities, and over 400,000 of our NHS staff and over 100,000 social care staff trained in better supporting people with dementia. Our efforts on research have been world leading, with major research and infrastructure programmes now in place, supported by a doubling of research spending on dementia. We now spend well over £60 million on dementia research each year.

Government recognise the necessity to have a continued focus on this challenge and have set clear ambitions for the next 5 years for the UK, through the Dementia 2020 Strategy published on 21st February 2015 and through supporting the delivery of NHS England’s 5 year forward plan.

The main aspirations set out in the 2020 challenge include:

  • Dementia research funding from all sectors to be double current (2015) levels by 2025.
  • People with dementia to have equal access to diagnosis in every part of the country.
  • National average wait for an initial assessment for dementia to be reduced to 6 weeks.
  • Every person diagnosed with dementia to have meaningful care following their diagnosis, which supports them and those around them.
  • All NHS staff to have received training on dementia appropriate to their role, and an expectation that social care providers provide appropriate training to all relevant staff.
  • Cures or disease modifying therapies to be on track to exist by 2025.
In spite of the fantastic investments and achievements already made the recent Care Quality Commisson’s Cracks in the Pathway report reviewed inspection findings from 129 care homes and 20 hospitals. The review found that, overall, services were delivering more good care than poor care. But it also found that nine out of 10 of the hospitals and care homes had some elements of care that were of variable or poor standards. These variations must be eradicated if we are to achieve Governments ambitious goals of becoming:

“The best country in the world for dementia care and support and for people with dementia, their carers and families to live”.

“The best place in the world to undertake research into dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases”.

It has never been more critical that all areas of the UK seek to champion best practice, develop evidence based outcomes share key research findings and engage each other locally, regionally and nationally.

November 2015 saw a £150 million investment in the first national Dementia research institute led by the Medical Research council. The new investment will bring together world leading experts in discovery science, and was warmly welcomed by Dementia Platform UK .

DPUK is a £50 million public private partnership whose vision is to provide an integrated research environment enabling a new generation of highly targeted, highly informative, smaller and cheaper clinical trials.

“We are delighted with this new investment. It demonstrates the Government’s and MRC’s determination to address the problem of dementia. DPUK looks forward to working closely with the Dementia Research Institute.” - John Gallagher Director Dementia Platform

In the North of England the UK government has elected Manchester to be the first of many big cities to act in taking advantage of greater devolution of powers. Greater Manchester now controls long-term health and social care spending, ready for full devolution of a budget of around £6 billion in 2016/17.

As part of this agreement Salford Royal Foundation Trust are now leading a dementia transformation programme, ‘Dementia United’ which is aiming to make Greater Manchester the best place in the world to live for people with dementia.

In Liverpool - “tide” (together in dementia everyday) a new involvement network follows on from the excellent legacy of the DAA Carers Call to Action, and will provide a development programme which has been designed by carers to pass on the necessary skills and confidence to other carers finding themselves in a similar situation, so they too can influence and represent their peers.

In Newcastle the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Unit (BRU), a partnership between The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University, specialising in Dementia caused by Lewy body disease, aims to improve our understanding of key disease symptoms and develop improved means of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment that will result in significant advances in patient management.

This conference will examine progress to date whilst continuing to dissect the aspirations contained within the Dementia 2020 strategy, with a renewed emphasis on current and future performance & projects across all UK regions.

We will provide a platform for the leaders of all of the above mentioned projects and many others to showcase their achievements and ambitions and provide insight on evidence based research and innovations to the leading health and care professionals from across all areas of the UK.

Govconnects Dementia 2020 series of conferences will continue to develop a community of conference delegates, online users and wider stakeholders who will seek to ensure that the vision to create a society by 2020 where every person with dementia in every area of the country receives high quality compassionate care from diagnosis through to end of life care.

Through collaboration and connections we will ensure the best services and innovation currently delivered in some parts of the country are delivered everywhere so there is more consistency of access, care and standards and less variation. A society where kindness, care and dignity take precedence over structures or systems.


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